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Welcome to the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association

The AVVBA was founded in 1981 to promote patriotism and sponsor activities of a patriotic nature among the business community; to recognize those who served and honor those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War; to promote the positive image of the Vietnam veteran, their dependents and the widows and orphans of deceased Vietnam veterans. AVVBA members look forward to meeting each month for fellowship and service to the veteran community.
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Truths and Myths about the Vietnam War

“The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association Foundation is proud to present a new 47-minute documentary film, entitled “Truths and Myths about the Vietnam War” with an introduction by actor Sam Elliott.

The purpose of this film is to honor those who served in the Vietnam War, by providing factual information to address the decades of misinformation that has presented a skewed historical perspective of the war. 

We believe this a very important and long overdue film, one that captures the information and lessons learned most Vietnam War veterans want reported about the war.

As Vietnam veterans, we consider this film to be our enduring legacy for future generations. To view or download this long overdue film, please click on the following link to the right.”

AVVBA Foundation provides scholarships
to military veterans returning to college

"One generation of veterans helping the next."

Since 2013, The AVVBA Foundation has provided financial scholarships to military veterans returning to college and universities in the State of Georgia.

To date, we have developed scholarship programs for veterans with 5 institutions and have plans to expand this program to other Georgia college and universities.

Please click on AVVBA Foundation Scholarship Program for more important information.

To make a Tax-Deductible Donation to our program, please click here: Scholarships For Veterans Donations.

Note: 100% of all donations go directly to our scholarship programs at these fine institutions.

Check out our 40th Anniversary Celebration page on the link below!

AVVBA 40th Anniversary page

Welcome Home

If you are a Vietnam Veteran, you have found your home! The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association is comprised of members from all branches of the military who proudly served our nation during the Vietnam War.

Joining AVVBA will connect you to a great group of Veterans who continue to serve our nation by supporting the next generation of soldiers who are in harms way protecting our way of life. We hope you will join us!

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More AVVBA Stories From Vietnam

Building on the success of I'm Ready To Talk, the 2019 book with 160 personal stories from 100 members of the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association, I'm Ready to Talk Two covers 140 stories from 70 AVVBA members who answered our nation's call to fight in Vietnam between 1959 and 1975. Stories come from all branches of our military and cover the war from the Delta to the DMZ, as well as those who served in the waters of the South China Sea and flew from bases in surrounding countries.

Both books show the emotion, the good times and bad, the life-changing experiences that anyone with an interest in the Vietnam War will benefit from reading. If you wonder what your father or grandfather or others experienced in Vietnam, either of these books is a great place to start.

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Serving Veterans

AVVBA promotes patriotism and sponsors patriotic activities among the business community by honoring those who served and those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War, while fostering a positive image of the Vietnam veteran.

Through a variety of community activities, our members and our foundation are actively supporting the next generation of veterans.

Please consider supporting our mission with a tax-deductible donation.

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Partners & Resources

From 1987 to 2014, AVVBA dedicated 27 Memorials in the greater Atlanta area to honor our fallen brothers and the sacrifice of their families. Over the years, AVVBA has developed partnerships with many community organizations that enable our members to support our service men and women and the Veteran community.

GA Department Of Veterans Service
Vietnam Veterans For Factual History
Atlanta History Center
USO Georgia