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Support of Pro Bono Legal Clinics

In 1998, attorney members of the AVVBA created, manned and supervised the formation of free legal clinics for veterans through the VA Medical Center on Clairmont Road in Decatur, Georgia.  In the last two years AVVBA lawyer members, along with the leadership efforts of the Military Legal Assistance Program and the Military and Veterans Affairs Section of the State Bar of Georgia, have opened four additional free legal clinics at the VA facilities at Ft. MacPherson and Carrolton, Georgia and, with the assistance and cooperation of the law schools and the ROTC departments,  free legal clinics have been opened at Emory Law School and Georgia State Law School.  It is worthy of note that more than 8,000 veteran clients have been seen at the pro bono clinics and more than 15,000 hours have been donated by lawyers to that end. Members interested in finding out more information about the pro bono legal clinics, or who are seeking to schedule appointments for veterans though the clinics, should contact Cary King at or you may call him at 404-920-4497.