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AVVBA Foundation Scholarship Program

The AVVBA Foundation Veterans Scholarship Program was created as a way for Vietnam veterans to help the next generation of veterans by assisting in their education, so they can better support their families and make a positive contribution to society in general. As Vietnam Veterans, this Scholarship Program is our way to "Welcome Home: our military men and women. We refer to this program as …"one generation of veterans helping the next."

We believe this program is our "Legacy" to today's Military, from Vietnam Veterans who came home from a very unpopular war and got on with their lives.  Our hope is that each generation of Veterans will follow our example and help the next generation of American military patriots whom have served, or are serving our country.

The initial education partner selected for this program was Georgia Perimeter College (GPC), now part of Georgia State University (GPU).
Since that time, the program has been expanded to include the University of North Georgia (UNG) and Chattahoochee Technical College.
The Veterans Scholarship Program has certain requirements to become a candidate. Qualified candidates must have served in, or be serving honorably in the United States Armed Forces. If they are currently serving, they are required to provide an active duty military ID, or if they are no longer on active duty, they must provide a DD-214 showing that they were honorably discharged.

They are also required to submit a minimum 500-word essay describing their military experience, outlining their personal and professional goals, and addressing how receiving this scholarship will help them achieve success. A candidate’s financial need is also considered in the selection process.

Additionally, the candidates are required to submit a Letter of Recommendation from a non-related professional reference and be asked to participate in an on-campus interview with the educational institution's Selection Committee.
Successful scholarship recipients are invited to attend a regularly scheduled AVVBA luncheon to be introduced to our members.

The Veterans Scholarship Program is funded through the AVVBA Foundation, Inc. (a non-profit 501-C3 charitable organization). Donations are made to the Foundation from AVVBA members and friends wanting to support our military. We are very proud of the fact that 100 cents of each dollar contributed to the Veterans Scholarship Program goes to support the student’s tuition, books or living expenses.

Any administrative expenses are paid for by the members or from the general funds of the AVVBA Foundation. All donations to this program receive a letter from our treasurer verifying the tax deductibility of the donation. Donations may be made on our website at: Scholarships For Veterans, or by check made payable to the AVVBA Foundation, Inc., c/o Alan Gravel, Treasurer, 3970 Flint Hill Road, Atlanta, GA 30127-2809. The AVVBA Foundation also accepts Stock grants or legacy gifts from wills and trusts.

The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association (AVVBA) was founded in 1981 by Vietnam veterans who wanted to honor their fallen comrades, promote patriotism and sponsor activities of a patriotic nature among the business community; to recognize those who served and honor those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War; and to promote a positive image of the Vietnam veteran, their dependents and the widows and orphans of deceased Vietnam veterans.

For more information about the AVVBA Foundation Veterans Scholarship Program, please contact Bryan C.W. Tate at: or 404-664-3900.